Digital Parking Technology

Digital parking technology can help parking operators manage their locations, equipment, and transactions across all consumer touchpoints. Setting up paperless parking with a parking app, license plate recognition and other digital parking technologies can speed up operations across your portfolio, reduce manual efforts and provide your parkers with an entirely hands-on parking experience.

Good digital parking technology works in tandem with all the access equipment - with retrofit upgrades, you can upgrade your location without buying expensive new equipment, effectively reducing your organization’s carbon footprint.

Digital parking technology provides operators with live, relevant parking data from across their portfolio. Apps are an easy way for operators to share this information with parkers about parking capacity, operating hours, parking rates and rules, offers and more. People can use the app to find, book and pay for parking, with added perks like lightning-fast access via LPR/RFID and possibly digital permits that makes the process even faster.

While parking apps are a great way to set up cashless access, the fastest and easiest way to set up cashless parking is easily the QR code. With digital parking technology, users can just scan a QR code to pay through a web app, without having to download a dedicated parking app to their devices. They can manage their sessions, extend their stay and pay online securely all from the comforts of their browsers.

Get My Parking provides award-winning digital parking technology at budget-friendly rates.

GMP’s digital parking technology can retrofit and automate any parking lot in a few easy steps. Here’s how our smart parking platform can upgrade your locations:

  • Touchless, ticketless access
    Our PlugNPlay solutions automate your existing equipment to provide seamless access.
  • Retrofits with your existing hardware
    Our GateKit integrates with your existing barriers - no expensive new equipment!
  • Perfect the parking experience
    A white-labeled app through which users can find and pay for your parking services
  • Maximize your profitability and productivity
    Automate custom parking rates, promo codes, and custom permits to boost revenue.

Get My Parking's scalable digital parking technology is an operator’s best choice for automating and future-proofing their parking lots.